International Students at the Bierkowice Fair

Zdjęcie nagłówkowe otwierające podstronę: International Students at the Bierkowice Fair
As every year, the Museum of Opole Silesia organized an Easter fair on Palm Sunday. Last year, it was also attended by international students studying sociology at the University of Opole. In cooperation with the Gallery of Contemporary Art, the students took part in the 'Golden Egg' project, in which they learned a lot about Easter traditions in Poland and decorated Easter eggs.

This year the project was continued under the name of 'Try'. The most important aim of this project was to encourage the inhabitants of Opole to open up to other cultures, traditions and also to try new tastes. As part of the 'Try' project, our students attending the Art Projects in Public Spaces course prepared traditional dishes, typical for their countries, and brought them to the fair. These included dishes from Turkey, Cambodia, Iran, Ukraine, Greece, and Spain.

Our students' dishes were very popular and in a short time all the food disappeared from the tables. At the end, like last year, the students decorated Easter eggs.