Piastonalia 2018: Students' Parade

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The Piastonalia reached its climax: a colourful parade of students in fancy dress marched on Wednesday, 23 May, through the city to stop at the Market Square, where the Mayor, Arkadiusz Wiśniewski, was waiting for them, holding in his hands the symbolic key to the gates of Opole.

'Dear students!' he addressed the participants of the parade. 'The elections are approaching, so I should like to promise you something' - he joked. 'I promise you Rector's Hours until the end of the year! All the way to the end of your studies! And 500 plus for every student!'  - he enumerated, and the crowds rewarded him with thunderous screams and applause. 'You look like a million, like ten million dollars! Take the key, divide, rule, and have fun!   

The key was taken over by the presidents of the student unions of the University of Opole, Opole University of Technology and the WSB.

Vice-Rectors for Student Affairs: Prof. Izabella Pisarek from the UO, Prof. Krzysztof Malik from the OUT, and Dr. Anna Wawrzczak-Gazda, Deputy Dean of the WSB told the students to have a good time and enjoy the rest of the week.  

As every year, students showed great initiative in preparing their costumes. Apart from traditional vampires, wizards and poppy ladies, there was also a set of cutlery - three girls dressed as a knife, a fork and a spoon. There was also a patient with an oxygen mask and a drip, clown, sunbathers, security guards, Panda bears and Lara Croft.

The students had fun on the Market Square listening to a concert specially prepared for them. Several other concerts will take place in the coming evenings.