Working across Cultures

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Almost 60 students from China, Indonesia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan received their Summer University of Opole diplomas on Friday (the 3rd of August) in the Senate Hall of Collegium Maius.

For three weeks, they were taught English in various disciplines, so that they could later study it in that language. Also to learn about Poland and Europe. That is why artistic and cultural activities took place in the evenings, and students also visited Wrocław, Kraków, Warsaw, Berlin, Prague and Bratislava.

- The summer university is really popular. The results are excellent, because every year more and more students come to us. Thanks to this cooperation, we have a growing number of friends around the world promoting our university, - explains Prof. Janusz Słodczyk, Vice-Rector for Research and Finance of the UO, who holds the honorary patronage over the summer university. - It is much easier for a young person, who spends three weeks in Opole (and in general it is their first visit to Europe), to make a decision to come to us to study for two years.

- The students are very happy, they remember our activities and excursions with enthusiasm. Not only did they learn the language, living in Opole for three weeks, they also had to cope with everyday life, so it is also a school of life - adds Dr. Stankomir Nicieja from the Institute of English Philology, the organizer of the Summer University.

Four groups of Asian students came to us from partner universities: Fujian Normal University, Southwest University and Dalian University of Languages from China, and the Universitas Brawijaya from Malang, Indonesia.

- I must thank the organizers from the University of Opole for their excellent care. I felt at home here. Thanks to the Summer University I learned a lot about Poland, culture and language, says Khalisha Reija Diandari from the University of Bravijay in Malang, Indonesia. - But the most important thing is to learn to understand, to work on compromises and to cooperate despite our cultural differences, - she adds.

The classes were conducted not only by lecturers and doctoral students of the Faculty of Philology, but also from the Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Chemistry and Faculty of Art. The event was held by the Section for International Programmes of Studies of the Office of Research and International Relatioins.

It was the third edition of the Summer University.