Medical Studies in Opole? Yes!

Zdjęcie nagłówkowe otwierające podstronę: Medical Studies in Opole? Yes!

The Ministry of Health has issued the final opinion needed for the decision to be taken by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education whether to grant the permission to open Medical Studies at the University of Opole.

Following the positive opinion of the Polish Accreditation Committee, the Ministry of Health has also issued a positive opinion on the application for granting the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Technology permission to conduct Medical Studies. The decision was announced today by Jarosław Pinkas, Vice-Minister of Health, at the meeting with the authorities of the University of Opole.

Yes, there will be Medical Faculty at the University of Opole, said Mr Pinkas during a short press conference.

Professor Wiesława Piątkowska Stepaniak, Vice-Rector for Public Affairs and Administration added that the whole team engaged in the preparation of the project was overwhelmed that it had been accepted by the Ministry of Health.

We are now a full, classical university. It’s a great day for our region, admitted Professor Nicieja, Rector of the University of Opole.

The Medical Study programme is expected to be launched in the academic year 2016/17 with the admission of over 70 students.