UO Academics in PAS

Zdjęcie nagłówkowe otwierające podstronę: UO Academics in PAS
On 27 October, the Plenary Meeting of Division I: Humanities and Social Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences (PAS) discussed the appointment of new ordinary and corresponding members of the PAS, and members of the Polish Young Academy (PYA). Among the five candidates positively classified for a position of an ordinary member of the PAS there was the only one current representative of Opole academics in the PAS - Prof. Stanisław Gajda (corresponding member since 2010). 

On December 1st, the General Assembly of the PAS made a final selection of new ordinary members, corresponding members and members of the PYA appointing Prof. Stanisław Gajda (Department of Stylistics of the Institute of Polish and Cultural Studies of the UO) an ordinary member of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Prof. Marek Szczepański, Head of the Department Of Sociology and Social Space in the Institute of Sociology of the UO became a corresponding member of the PAS.

It is worth noting that last October Professor Stanisław Gajda was awarded the Copernicus Prize 2016 – the highest award of the Polish Society of Neuropsychology - for his contribution to the development of the language sciences, including neurosciences and neurologopedics in particular.