Graduation of ME students

Zdjęcie nagłówkowe otwierające podstronę: Graduation of ME students
Europa Master is a unique study programme at the Institute of Political Science of UO, which allows students to obtain master's degrees from three universities: University of Opole, Poland, Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz, Germany and University of Burgundy in Dijon, France. Students have classes in all these three places. The University Opole is the only university in Poland to conduct such an elitist study programme. 

First students were admitted only in 2013. However in spite of its short seniority, the programme has already been highly evaluated in the Studies with the Future competition, where our university competed with the biggest and oldest universities in Poland. For us the important thing is that most foreign students of EM choose our University as the one at which they defend their theses, and it is not easier for them to do it here than at their native universities, - says the Deputy Director of the Institute of Political Science of UO, Barbara Curyło, PhD. - They are very ambitious, curious about the world, with a strong need for personal development. They admit that our research institutions and academic culture were a real revelation for them. Some of them even stay in our country after graduation, - she adds.

Studies are tuition free for EU/EEA students, and scholarships are granted by the UFA (DFH Université Franco-Allemande/Deutsch-Franzosische Hochschule), an organization that cooperates in Poland only with the University of Opole.

EUROPA MASTER programme lasts 4 semesters. Candidates need to speak English at the B2 level and French at B1. Classes are conducted for an international group of students from Poland, France and Germany. The biggest concern for students is the language, because in Poland and Germany the language of instruction is English but in France it is French, - says Dr. Barbara Curyło. - However in the course of studies students have an opportunity to improve their language skills. They start their studies in Poland, where, in addition to classes in English, they have additional hours of practical French and German. They spend the second semester in Germany, where the intense language training is continued, so when they go to the University of Burgundy they are well prepared to studying in French, - explains Dr Curyło.

You do not really need to convince anybody how great opportunities are awaiting EM graduates. Due to the increasing interest in the Europa Master programme the initial admission limit has been risen from 15 to 30 places. The admission process for the academic year 2017/2018 starts in April 2017.

The graduation ceremony will take place on 10 December (Saturday), at 14.00, in Collegium Civitas, room 20.