International Xmas Party

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There are going to be Christmas carols, a white table and traditional Polish dishes. 
Students from Hello are preparing a Christmas party for their colleagues who have been studying Intercultural Communication at the Institute of Sociology for the last two months. They came here from Turkey, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Ukraine and Afghanistan. Erasmus students are also invited. 
- I think that it will be a great opportunity for me to learn more about other cultures. I’ll be only too happy to try traditional dishes from other countries and learn how to prepare them, - says Simona from Romania, an Erasmus student. – In Romania, on December 24 everyone visits their friends, family and relatives. They sing Christmas carols together and children who sing carols get money, sweets and fruit. Like in Poland, we decorate our homes with lights and dress Christmas trees. On the night of 24 December Santa Clause comes and leaves presents under the Christmas tree and on Xmas Day we eat dinner with the whole family. Traditions vary a little in different parts of Romania. We keep on singing Christmas carols all day long until New Year's Eve - she says.
For Milad from Afghanistan (student of Intercultural Communication) our Christmas is a religious tradition celebrated once a year in different parts of the world. - From what I've heard about this holiday, family members visit each other and give gifts. It seems very interesting to me. I want to come to the meeting and learn more about that tradition - she adds.
Dozens of students have already confirmed their presence. It will be a great chance for them not only to learn about traditions and culture, but also about flavours of other countries.
The meeting will take place on December 18, at 7 pm, in the Skrzat hall in Mrowisko Hall of Residence.