Medical Studies at University of Opole

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The road to Medical Studies at the University of Opole seems to be long and difficult, but at the same time it is very short. It took only about two years to carry out this courageous project. It is not finished yet, of course, but weather permitting the first construction works will start within a month or two, and first students of medicine will start their studies in October 2017. Below are links to articles showing the road covered so far.

12/06/2017 Regional Medical Centre Becoming University Hospital

07/06/2017 Collegium Medicum Building Diary

28/03/2017 Regional Medical Centre Donated to University of Opole

22/02/2017 Visit at the Ministry of Health

27/01/2017 32 Million Zlotys Officially Confirmed

27/09/2016 32 Million Zlotys for the UO  

22/08/2016 Deputy Prime Minister Gowin Established Medical Studies at the University of Opole  

18/08/2016 Final Decision Has Been Issued

16/05/2016 Medical Studies in Opole.Yes!

10/05/2016 Green Light for Medical Studies

25/04/2016 Innovations in Medicine

29/03/2016 Another Step towards Medical Studies

15/03/2016 Opole Delegation in the Ministry of Health

03/03/2016 First Meeting of The Chapter of the Medical School

14/12/2015 Deputy Prime Minister Supports Medical Studies in Opole

17/10/2015 Another Step Towards Medical Studies in Opole

08/10/2015 Programme Board for the Medical Study Programme Established

23/09/2015 Agreement Between University of Opole and Saint Louis University Signed