New Honorary Doctors

Zdjęcie nagłówkowe otwierające podstronę: New Honorary Doctors

 - I am happy that after so many years I am again in Opole because I feel at home here, - said Professor Marceli Kosman. - For 10 years I headed the Department of Modern History, and then the Chair of Eastern European History at the Institute of History of the Higher Pedagogical School in Opole (predecessor of the University of Opole). And besides, I am a regular reader and publicist of ‘Index’ magazine - he added.

Professor Tomasz Szarota did not deny that it was a great honour for him. For two reasons: - First of all, this is my first honorary doctorate and I suspect that it is also the last. Secondly, as I looked at the list of people who had already received this title at the University of Opole, I understood what great honour it was to receive it - said Professor Szarota.

As every year, the ceremony of conferring honorary titles was held on the University Day - March 10. The process of establishing the University of Opole was presented by Prof. Marek Masnyk, Rector of UO. - Today we pay tribute to our founders, but we must also look to the future and face difficult challenges, because the University does not operate in a vacuum, - he said.

The doctoral programme and profiles of Honorary Doctors were presented by the Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Prof. Janusz Dorobisz. The laudations were read by Prof. Stanisław S. Nicieja.

The ceremony of awarding honorary doctorates was held at the University of Opole for the 24th time (similar ceremonies were held three times at the Higher Pedagogical School in Opole, between 1985 and 1993). A total of 44 honorary degrees have been conferred.

The ceremony was held in the Blue Hall in Collegium Maius.

Photo: Jarosław Mokrzycki

Video Clip - Piotr Sokołowski