Chinese Delegation at University of Opole

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Representatives of the world of science and business from the Fujian province of the People's Republic of China have visited our University. The delegation was headed by the Director-General of the Department of Science and Technology of Fujian province, Mr. Chen Qiuli, and included, inter alia, Professor Chen Liangwan, Director of the Centre for Cardiac Surgery of Medical University in Fujian and Professor Lu Canzong, Vice President of the regional branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

During the visit Prof. Marek Masnyk, Rector of the UO signed a tripartite cooperation agreement between our University, the University of Mindziang in Fuzhou and COMVEE - a company specializing in the production of medical software. Thanks to the agreement the University joined the research consortium aimed at acquiring subsidies to develop an application monitoring blood sugar levels in diabetics. 

Both universities are also planning to sign a wider academic cooperation agreement in the near future. The main coordinator of the educational and scientific cooperation project with universities of Fujian is Dr Stankomir Nicieja from the Institute of English Studies.