Opole Science Festival

Zdjęcie nagłówkowe otwierające podstronę: Opole Science Festival

Sunday has shown that science can be accessible to everyone. Scientists and students of Opole universities were trying to convince their guests that science is not only about cramming from books, but that it can also be fun and a fantastic way to spend free time.

On the University campus, in dozens of tents, the University of Opole, Opole University of Technology, the State Medical Higher Vocational School, Higher School of Management and Administration, and the State Higher Vocational School (PWSZ) in Nysa presented what they have the most attractive on offer. Everything was prepared in a child-friendly manner.

As the host of the 15th Opole Science Festival is our University, guests were welcomed by Vice-Rector for Research and Finance, Prof. Janusz Słodczyk.

‘It is a great pleasure to host you all on our campus,’ he said. - While it is true that the official opening of the Festival took place on Friday, May 26, just before the night of science, however, I would like to welcome you all to this picnic, organised together with Opole institutions of higher learning, culture and science.

So let's have fun! - Prof. Słodczyk invited everyone to visit the stands.

Traditionally, the tents where chemical and physical experiments were presented attracted the biggest audience. However, the tent of the Museum of the University of Opole was also full of children who coloured drawings of dinosaurs and constructed their models from wooden jigsaw puzzles. There were also a lot of logic and fitness games, such as setting up a pile of wooden blocks suspended from the hook, which was steered with the help of a few ropes, which required a lot of dexterity.

The Student Research Group of Archaeologists presented period costumes and offered barley with pork scratching, while the Knights fought duels with the use of medieval swords.

One could also learn breast self-examination techniques, first-aid giving, as well as principles of healthy nutrition. A real furore was raised by very dynamic exercises on small trampolines performed by three female students of the PWSZ in Nysa.

Monday, May 29 - the last day of the 15th Opole Festival of Science was an open day, during which universities held a variety of lectures, activities and shows.