Japanese Delegation at UO

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Ten students and two professors from Kobe College have came to Poland to gain knowledge about the history and culture of our country and therefore to better understand Europe and its current problems - with a particular emphasis on the issues of migration and position of women in European societies.

The visit is a continuation of cooperation between Kobe College and the University of Opole. Last year students of Cobe College visited our university and early this year Dr. Błażej Choroś went to Kobe to deliver lectures and workshops. Currently the University of Opole and Kobe College are in the process of signing a cooperation agreement, providing for scientific cooperation and the exchange of students and teaching staff. 

One of the participants of the visit is Dr. Monika Ksieniewicz, who worked for a year as a visiting professor at Kobe College. She deals with issues related to the position of women, also in Japan.

The group arrives on Wednesday, August 9, and leaves on Friday at noon.


- meeting with police officers, winners of the contest - Police officer who helped me - Thursday, 09.30, Collegium Civitas, room 15)

- lecture and workshops at the University of Opole: From the postwar migration process to the present day refugee/migration crisis. Hosts: Dr. Anna Czerner and Dr Błażej Choroś (Thursday, 10:30 am, Collegium Civitas, room 15);

- meeting with Arkadiusz Wiśniewski, Mayor of the City of Opole;

- a short walk it the town centre (Thursday, late afternoon)


Prof. Yolanda A. Tsuda, specialist in gender issues and migration, Kobe College; Prof. Yuko Kiryu, specialist in the history of the EU countries, Kobe College; Dr. Monika Ksieniewicz, former lecturer of Global Studies at Kobe College, philosopher; ten students from Kobe College.