Professor Zembala's Lecture

Zdjęcie nagłówkowe otwierające podstronę: Professor Zembala's Lecture

It is a special day for me – with these words Prof. Marian Zembala, a world-renowned cardiac and transplant surgeon, started his lecture. - It is special, because here are the people who have done so much for medical school in Opole: Professor Stanisław Nicieja, Dr Barbara Radecka and Professor Wiesława Piątkowska-Stepaniak. The success of medical school at the University of Opole is the result of the effort of these people and the whole academic milieu. Thanks to that effort, today we can open new opportunities in the form of a medical school, and next year the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. Professor Piątkowska-Stepaniak infected us with her dream about medical school and now we are following her in that good cause, said Prof. Zembala.

Prof. Zembala will deliver a series of lectures for medical students at the University of Opole and during his first meeting with students he presented the scope of these lectures.

- I promise that the meetings with us, doctors, will not be tiring. I hope that the voice of physicians experienced in the fight against the disease will be valuable in the race that you as doctors will take up in order to ‘make it before God,’ - said prof. Zembala.  – Putting on a white coat is a gesture of humbleness towards the patient, but before you do it you need work, diligence and knowledge. I hope that we will pass it on to you.

Prof. Zembala talked also about Professor Franciszek Kokot, a doyen of Polish medicine, who will receive an honorary doctorate from the University of Opole on October 11. - Professor Kokot is a prominent figure in the Polish medical world and the fact that he will become a kind of patron of the medical school at the University of Opole, and in the future, patron of of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, has a symbolic meaning and cannot be overestimated, - said Prof. Zembala.

Prof. Zembala also spoke about the importance of academic medicine in the context of its history, justifying the same sense of existence of medical universities, or establishment of a medical school in a small university like the University of Opole. - Great things can be accomplished also in small universities, - said Prof. Zembala. - Academic medicine is the medicine of the highest level, so we need to put into it our maximum effort, - said Prof. Zembala, finishing his lecture.