American English with Natasha

Zdjęcie nagłówkowe otwierające podstronę: American English with Natasha

This year our university hosts a Fulbright teaching assistant, Natasha Ng from Arizona. It is obvious that we cannot but take full advantage of her stay here, especially taking into account the process of internationalisation we are going through these days. Undoubtedly, there is a pressing necessity for the University staff as well as for all the students to develop greater English proficiency. To that end the Institute of Sociology put forward the initiative to have conversations with Natasha that would boost the communications skills in English for everyday situations and the use in the academic environment. 

Thus, we invite the faculty staff of the University of Opole to the “American English” conversations that will be held every Thursday at 11 am starting from October, 26.

We have to plan for the place of those encounters that is why we would kindly ask all those you want to join to let us know thereof via email

In the email applicants are expected to give their full names, the department and the planned mode of participation (on a regular basis or from time to time).

Application deadline is 11 am, Wednesday, October 25.

We will send out the invitation with a particular venue of the meetings on Wednesday evening.

We are open to any topics for discussion, your initiative and engagement would be also appreciated.

For further information contact the Office for International Study Programmes, Katowicka 87B, room 1 (DS Niechcic),