A New World - Always in Movement

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A New World - Always in Movement is an international art project carried out by art students and teachers from Trier University of Applied Sciences and the Faculty of Art of the UO under the aegis of Moving.Lab, an international organisation from Luxemburg.

Under the supervision of professors from Trier, Kraków, and Opole, six four-person student groups are preparing a kinetic sculpture project for Landesmuseum in Trier, which will be completed next year. The project is to mark the next year's bicentenary of the birth of Karl Marx - the most famous citizen of Trier.

The space of art has got involved in the discussion on the heritage and experiences of the continent and the world, perceived so differently by people from East, West and Central Europe.

The project is coordinated by Anna Bulanda-Pantalacci (Trier) and Kazimierz S. Ożóg (Opole),while  substantive supervision is provided by Piotr Bożyk (Kraków), Marian Molenda, Wit Pichurski, Ignacy Nowodworski, and Krzysztof Rzepczyński (Opole). The project concludes on November 11 and its progress can be observed on the following website:  http://kineticsculpture.moving-lab.eu/