Study in English!

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Photo: Nikodem Tadeusz Jacuk   

At the University of Opole we continue to broaden our offer of studies in English. This year we have opened six new degree programmes in English: Biological Chemistry, International Business, Paleobiology, Polish Studies, Regional Governance in Europe, and Sustainable Development.

Thus, studying at our University you are able to obtain knowledge and skills sought after by employers in Poland and thanks to having obtained this knowledge in English you will easily find employment in international companies both in Poland and abroad.

Here are the programmes you can study in English at the University of Opole:

Undergraduate Programmes in English:

Graduate Programmes in English:

Postgraduate Programme in English:   

Additionally, if you are an Erasmus+ exchange student or just a free mover and you are already studying social sciences and humanities you can build up your own study programme out of the following courses listed here.