Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science

The Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science consists of two institutes: Institute of Physics and  Institute of Computer Science.

The Faculty was founded in 2008 after the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry was divided into two units. The afore mentioned institutes although belonging to a different unit have been in existence since 1950.

The Faculty has the right to confer PhD degrees in Physics and Mathematics.

The main objectives of the Faculty are: conducting high standard research, developing scientific staff, developing national and international scientific cooperation and providing innovative solutions for regional and national economy.


The Faculty of Mathematics Physics and Computer Science
ul. Oleska 48, 45-052 Opole, Poland
• GPS: 50°40'24" N, 17°55'53" E
• Tel.:+48 77 4527200
• Fax: +48 77 4527201
• E-mail: dz-mfi@uni.opole.pl
• Web: http://www.wmfi.uni.opole.pl
• Erasmus Web: http://www.wmfi.uni.opole.pl/show.php?id=35&lang=pl&m=1