Institute of Educational Studies

The Institute of Educational Studies was established in 1989 and it consists of three departments: Department of Didactics and Methodology of Research, Department of Early School Pedagogy and Department of Pre-School Pedagogy and Fine Arts Education.

The Institute educates kindergarten and early-school teachers, therapists and assistant teachers for pupils with special needs using the latest, innovative and creative teaching methods. With the help of Richard Montag from Bonn a project We teach differently has been introduced. The teaching is based on multidirectional acting and interdisciplinary theoretical and practical knowledge, thanks to which our students obtain their professional competence and shape their creative and transgressive personality.

The Institute cooperates closely with educational institutions in the region to intensify and improve the process of educating teachers and to prepare them to answer the challenges of the modern education system.

The Institutes is actively involved in artistic and cultural activities like theatrical performances, music and fine arts events. Our students participate in performances of the community centre theatre which performed in Germany, Czech Republic and South Korea. They also take part in musical concerts organised by members of our staff in Poland and abroad.


The research is conducted in cooperation with partners in Poland and abroad, e.g. Zlin University, Banska Bistrica University and Olomouc University and it covers the following areas:
·         Teacher training in chosen EU countries
·         Early-school education teacher’s competence

The student belonging to Student Research Groups take part in the research. There are three Groups in the Institute: Early-School Pedagogy Group, Pedagogical Therapy Group and Media-and Creative Education Group. The students and staff members participate in diagnostic studies, national and international conferences, and they organise symposia and conferences with international partners.

Study programmes:

The Institute offers the following study programmes:

BA and MA programmes:

Pre and Early School Pedagogy
Young Children Pedagogy and Pre-School Education
Early School and Therapeutic Pedagogy
Therapeutic Pedagogy and Oligophrenopedagogy
Media Pedagogy and Fine Arts Education
Early School Pedagogy with a Foreign Language

Postgraduate programmes:

Early School Pedagogy and Natural Science
Pre and Early School Pedagogy and Fine Arts Education
Pre-school English teaching and Fine Arts Education

In the study process various innovative methods of teaching are used, e.g. project work, simulation and case work. The classes take form of seminars and workshops of different kind: theatrical, musical, therapeutic and creative. The students do their placements in educational institutions and finally they receive teaching qualifications.

Future careers:

Depending on a speciality our graduates gain pedagogical, teaching or therapeutic qualifications. They are creative and possess knowledge, skills and competence needed in social and educational work. They are prepared to solve educational, social and upbringing problems. Our graduates can work in kindergartens, primary schools, special schools, therapeutic and pedagogical institutions, community centres and mass –media.


Institute of Educational Studies
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Course offered in English - Art Activities in Therapy, Marian Wojewoda