Institute of Polish and Cultural Studies

Study programmes offered by the Institute of Polish and Cultural Studies are adjusted to the needs of the modern labour market and individual interests of the students. Teachers with passion, intensive internships, friendly atmosphere and good prospects of getting a good job after graduation make our Institute a perfect choice.

Research and study programmes:

Polish Studies

Polish Philology in Opole is one of the oldest in Poland; it was established in 1954. For over 50 years it has developed its own line of humanistic research, both in literature and linguistics. The high academic position of the Institute is confirmed by the fact that it has the right to confer doctoral and post- doctoral degrees in literature and linguistics.

The Polish Studies programme combines canon philological knowledge – history of literature, theory of literature and linguistics – with modern approach – elements of regional, cultural, anthropological and comparative studies.

The Polish Studies courses: descriptive grammar of Polish language, poetics, theory of literature, history of Polish literature, culture of communication, didactics of Polish language and literature, stylistics, anthropology of literature and logopaedics.

Studying Polish philology is a real challenge these days. Noblesse oblige!

Cultural Studies

The research of the Chair of Cultural Studies and Ethnography focuses on methodology and epistemology of culture studies, theory of culture, ethnology and cultural anthropology, folklore, popular literature and culture, history of culture, daily life anthropology and sociology, culture semiotics, intercultural communication, culture bioethics, sociology of medicine and death anthropology.

The research of the Chair of Theatre, Film and New Media concentrates on contemporary visual culture – new media art (digital literature and interactive narration), new media performance studies, computer games and e-folklore. Social memory and popular historical conscience are also studied here.

Cultural Studies are full of passion!

Cultural Studies courses: theory of culture, anthropology and sociology of culture, folk culture, world theatre and film, intercultural communication, popular culture, audio-visual culture, digital media, urban studies and regional culture.

Specialities available for our students:

BA degree programmes:

Culture animation
Anthropology of New Media
Film and Theatre Studies
Public Communication and Public Relations
Teacher training
Teacher training and logopaedics
Culture Tourism


MA degree programmes:

Anthropology of ethnic groups- Silesians
Multimedia Editing
Comparative Literature
Popular Culture
Digital Media
Teaching specialisation
Culture Tourism


Study Programme for Foreigners:

Polish Philology for Beginners – BA degree programme,  full-time

Specialities: Polish in Business, Polish in Tourism, Polish in Culture

Polish Philology for Beginners programme is directed to foreigners who want to learn Polish and learn about Poland in order to work in companies and cultural institutions working in international environment with Poland as one of the parties. Depending on the specialisation graduates will be prepared to work for Polish or international companies and cultural institutions promoting various forms of international cooperation.  For instance our graduates can work as a sales representative, business meetings organiser, business negotiator, tourist agent or international cooperation organiser.

Graduates of Polish Philology for Beginners:

Will be able to speak fluent Polish (C1)
Will be able to take and pass a state certificate examination in Polish as a foreign language
Will have a deepened knowledge of Polish and how to use it in social and professional environment
Will know main achievements in Polish culture, literature, film, theatre, etc. and history and present situation of Poland
Will know and understand Polish mentality and everyday life in Poland, which will allow them to move with dexterity on the labour market
Will get competence in social communication, allowing them to start and maintain international business and cultural contacts
Will be able to undertake MA programmes
Will speak German or English on B2 level


Future careers

Our graduates can creatively use the knowledge they have gained, professionally building their careers of teachers, promoters of culture activists, public relations specialists and many others.

We offer traditional philological and cultural education combined with skills desirable in the labour market gained through practical classes in radio and TV communications, public relations, photography, media texts analysis, Internet editing, book marketing, cyber culture, electronic literature, and new media and computer games art.



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