Final decision has been issued

Zdjęcie nagłówkowe otwierające podstronę: Final decision has been issued
In addition to the decision granting the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Technology of the University of Opole rights to conduct medical studies, there was also signed the letter, pursuant to which the University of Opole and the State Medical Vocational School in Opole will work closely together, combining their potentials. This was a very important event because the start of such cooperation was one of the conditions made by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education before issuing a positive decision concerning medical studies at the UO. The letter was signed by the rectors of both institutions: Prof. Stanislaw S. Nicieja and Dr. Tomasz Halski. 

This huge success was possible only thanks to the cooperation of various milieus and many people who did not pay heed to divisions among themselves but they saw just one goal. I wish to emphasise the great commitment and work of the team headed by Prof. Wiesława Piątkowska-Stepaniak - said Prof. Nicieja.

The positive decision of the Ministry is an important step on the way to completing our idea. It opens for us new financial possibilities and gives us a chance to gain further supporters of this idea - said Prof. Wieslawa Piątkowska-Stepaniak, Vice-Rector for Public Relations and Admnistration.