Student Health Centre Officially Opened

Zdjęcie nagłówkowe otwierające podstronę: Student Health Centre Officially Opened
A new health centre has been opened in the heart of the University campus. The opening ceremony was attended by Professor Masnyk, Rector of the University of Opole and Violetta Porowska, Deputy Voivod of Opole Voivodeship. Violetta Porowska is also the Director of the Centre Clinic of which our student centre is a branch. 

At the beginning students will have access to medical services offered by a family doctor, dentist and gynaecologist. The centre is located on the ground floor of Spójnik Hall of Residence. 

- Being the Director of the largest Health Centre in Opole, I noticed that students do not have their own your family doctor. I thought it would be a good idea to start talks with the University authorities and they welcomed my project of opening a student health centre at the campus - explains Violetta Porowska. 

The University authorities and the directorate of the Centre Clinic signed the agreement on 24 October last year and the work on the adaptation of the premises of the hall of residence started. 

- I was a little bit apprehensive, because a few years ago, when we tried to open a student clinic, the company which was supposed to carry out the project backed out of it - said Professor Marek Masnyk, Rector of the University of Opole. - I am so glad that we have managed to complete another project with the University. In recent years we’ve been able to do lots of interesting things together - added Miroslaw Pietrucha, Deputy Mayor of Opole.

The Health Centre is free for all students of the University of Opole. First patients appeared immediately after the opening.

The Centre is open from Monday to Friday (8.00 -15.00). Phone registration: 789 409 796.

Photo: Sylwester Koral