Christmas Carols

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On December 13, at 7:00 pm there will be a concert of Christmas carols, during which we will hear UO students and musicians closely connected with the University of Opole. The concert, which is to be held at the Student Activity Centre (SCK), will be an opportunity to raise funds for the renovation of the Opole Cathedral.

The Ivan Iwanilia group, which won the Winter Song Competition, one of the most important musical festivals in Poland, is responsible for the musical arrangement of the concert. Christmas carols will be performed by promising young artists: Daniel Cebula-Orynicz - finalist of the Voice of Poland competition, Piotr Tłustochowicz - also a finalist of the Voice of Poland competition, and Gabriela Machej - winner of Poland’s Got Talent.

The event is entirely organised by students and the honorary patronage is held by Bishop Andrzej Czaja.

Everybody is invited!