32 Million Zlotys Officially Confirmed

Zdjęcie nagłówkowe otwierające podstronę: 32 Million Zlotys Officially Confirmed

The official document which guarantees the amount of 32 million zlotys for the medical studies was handed over to the authorities of the University by Kamil Bortniczuk, Director of the Office of the Minister of Science and Higher Education, during a meeting held in the Plafond Hall of the Collegium Maius. Barbara Żukowska and Dariusz Frankowski from the Board of  Directors of the Gliwice Industrial Construction Company SA signed an contract for the reconstruction and expansion of the building in Oleska Street, where the Collegium Medicum is to be located.

We hope that the cornerstone for this investment will be laid on February 1 - said Vice-Rector, Prof. Wiesława Piątkowska-Stepaniak, who has been heading the project of the establishment of medical studies at the University of Opole from the very beginning. It is a milestone in the process of the development of our University - said Prof. Marek Masnyk, Rector of the University of Opole.

Prof. Piątkowska-Stepaniak also stressed that the success of all the efforts to establish medical studies in Opole was only possible thanks to the joint action of different milieux of the Opole region. It is this unity which is the highest value in our common project - she said.

It is estimated that the launching of the Medical School will cost 42 million zlotys. The Ministry of Science and Higher Education has earmarked 32 mln zlotys for the project. 20% of the total amount must be, however, provided by the University of Opole itself. The University has managed to gather some of the funds required but it is still not enough.

The first medical students appear at the UO in October. The Medical School is to admit 60 students studying for free thanks to the Ministry’s subsidy, and 40 additional students paying fees.