Regional Medical Centre Donated to University of Opole

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Photo: Norbert Krajczy, Chairpaerson of the Opole Regional Assembly handing the resolution to Prof. Wiesława Piątkowska-Stepaniak, Vice-Rector for Development and Administration.

On 28 March the Opole Regional Assembly  unanimously passed a resolution on donation of the Regional Medical Centre (WCM) to the University of Opole.

As the result the WCM, valued at 179 million, with 1340 employees, will be converted into a university teaching hospital. It was one of the conditions for the creation of the Medical Studies, and, in the future, the Faculty of Medicine at the UO. The vote was unanimous.

The session was attended by Prof. Wieslaw Piątkowska-Stepaniak, Vice-Rector for Development and  Administration and Marcin Miga, Deputy Chancellor.

- The University of Opole is aware that this endowment is not only the assets, but above all a mission ahead of us. The mission of the region and the university. It's not the matter of property, but of 1340 people who work there, talented people, doctors, and ward heads, who want to join in the idea of creating a teaching hospital – said Professor  Piątkowska-Stepaniak before the vote. - If we are talking about the mission, then we are ready to take over the duties and powers, creating a teaching hospital. What can we achieve?  The possibility of acquiring money from the central budget, because teaching hospitals are on the list of nationwide hospitals.  Projects are already being prepared. The needs are huge, but the creation of a teaching hospital gives a chance to gain a considerable pool of money that is in the State budget.

Professor Piatkowska-Stepaniak drew attention to the fact that the willingness to create a scientific research centre in the future teaching hospital is a statutory requirement.

- It allows us today to build a highly specialized team of professors, and our distinguished doctors of medical science, who are at the moment completing their habilitation procedures. It is a team which will create a teaching hospital adjusted to the needs of the region and to challenges that stand before us. We are in the process of creating a new interesting structure. We will present it to you, if you wish. In fact, I believe that it is here where a further debate on how the hospital is operating in the new structure, as a clinic for the region, should be conducted. This is not a hospital which will now be closed within the walls of the University. On the contrary - added Prof. Piątkowska-Stepaniak. - We are talking about a great potential of this facility, which will operate as it does today, but will be reinforced by a scientific research centre and specialist staff. Now I ask you for a decision and I already thank you, if you make that decision. The fact that you are now discussing this subject is a manifestation of great trust you have for the University of Opole. And now I would like to thank you for this trust, - said Professor Wiesława Piąkowska-Stepaniak.

Photo gallery: Sylwester Koral