Regional Medical Centre Becoming University Hospital

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The Regional Medical Centre (WCM)  has formally become a University hospital of the UO. The facility will be in service of the newly established medical studies, and then, in the next academic year, Faculty of Medicine.

- Great things start from small things, and in this case the establishment of the medical studies at the University of Opole began with talks with Vice-Rector, Prof. Wiesława Piątkowska-Stepaniak, Professor Stanislaw S. Nicieja, Rector Prof. Marek Masnyk, Mr. Marcin Miga, former spokesperson for the University and currently its Vice-Chancellor, Mrs. Ewa Rurynkiewicz, former Chancellor of the UO, and with Dr. Norbert Krajczy, President of the Opole Regional Assembly- enumerated Andrzej Buła.Marshall of Opole Voivodeship.  - We met on April 1, 2015 to talk about medical studies in Opole and it was not April Fool's Day joke. Today we see the results of our actions. We see that it is worth to get involved in important things because they develop into beautiful things.

Prof. Stanisław S. Nicieja, former Rector of the UO, during whose term of office the procedure for establishing medical studies in Opole started, stressed that this work will remain for years in the city.

- This day is symbolic because Professor Nicieja in the early days of his Rector’s term of office took over the hospital in Copernicus Sq, today's Collegium Maius - said Rector Prof. Marek Masnyk. – At present I take over another hospital, which will be a University hospital.

It is a giant leap into the future. We do not we speculate whether our project will succeed. It must succeed and it will! - assured the Rector.

Prof. Wiesława Piątkowska-Stepaniak said that University and local authorities felt the burden of responsibility for this great challenge, but they would do anything to meet that challenge.

Regional Medical Centre is valued at 179 million zlotys . It employs 1330 people and admits ca. 215 thousand patients a year. - The status of a University Hospital commits us to continuously raising the qualifications of the personnel and enhancing the quality of services provided to patients, - said the Director of the Centre, Dariusz Madera.  

Photo: Maciej Kochański