Afghan Culture Night

Zdjęcie nagłówkowe otwierające podstronę: Afghan Culture Night

Have you ever been to Afghanistan? Very few of you will say yes, while the majority will admit that they have only a vague knowledge about this country and its culture. Afghanistan is a very remote, controversial, and quite often dangerous destination for travellers. Travelling costs are also quite high. Nevertheless, one can find a way to get closer to the spirit of that nation and get familiar with its lifestyle and traditions in a different, not that much complicated, and time and money consuming way.

With that idea in mind, our Erasmus+ exchange students together with regular students and university staff whose home country is Afghanistan have organised the Afghan Culture Night. Those who attended the event would admit that it was a huge success, those who did not undoubtedly missed a lot. Afghan students wore traditional outfits that emphasized the beauty of both Afghan men and women. Some of the guests demonstrated solidarity wearing the elements of Afghan clothes, e.g. scarves. Vice-Rector, Prof. Janusz Słodczyk, dressed up for the occasion putting on the outfit sewn and presented to him during his recent visit to Afghanistan.

Traditional Afghan clothes were not the only attraction of the evening. After the welcoming speeches given by Prof. Słodczyk, who highlighted the importance of academic cooperation with Afghanistan, and by our Intercultural Communication student Milad, who talked about cultural diversity and significance of intercultural contacts between representatives of different societies, the guests watched the presentations of Afghanistan, its national symbols, traditions, sports, education, arts, and most importantly, food.

Not only had the guests an opportunity to get familiar with the Afghan culinary masterpieces visually, but they could also enjoy their taste. Our Afghan friends prepared an abundance of dishes, such as Quabuli, Karaii, Qurma, various salads and the local drink called Dogh,

The night concluded with Afghan dances performed by Afghan students, who were joined by their Polish friends.