Faculty of Economics

The Faculty of Economics was established in 1992, but economics has been studied at our Alma Mater for over 30 years and in that time a strong and competent team of scientists has been formed. Our scientists specialise in the following fields of economics: theory of economics, management, logistics, marketing, finances, accounting, social and economic policy, regional policy, economic geography and spatial economics.

It is worth mentioning that graduates from the Faculty of Economics find attractive jobs in their professions not only in Opole based companies but also in other regions of Poland and abroad. They work for local government units, social associations and other important institutions. Our high scientific status can be viewed through the fact that the Faculty has powers to confer the title of Doctor of Economics.


The main research fields of the Faculty of Economics encompass methods of management and their practical application, agriculture and rural areas in the transitory process, changes in the economic and spatial structure of urban areas, social and economic aspects of the development of economy, and current trends in financial phenomena and behaviours. The research is conducted both as team work with students’ participation and as individual work. Our research is has a local, national and international character.

The research makes it possible to see an objective picture of economic processes and to determine tools affecting existing economic structures and functions. We conduct both basic and applied research. The research aims at completing empty spaces in theories, interpreting existing theories and broaden economic and management aspects to new spheres of life. They refer economic policy, company and agricultural economics and management.

Our research helps to present an objective picture of economic processes and specify tools which affect existing economic structures and functions. The research is both basic and applied. It focuses on economic policy, business economy, agricultural economics, HR management, financial management and Logistics and Marketing management. The outcome of our research can be used in practice by public institutions, business entities and households.

Offered degree programmes:

 Economics: BA programme

  • Information and Econometric Technologies in Economy
  • Business Management Economics
  • Financial Economy and Company Accounting
  • Regional and Urban Economics

Spatial Economics: BA engineer’s degree - 3.5-year programme

Logistics: BA programme

Management: BA programme

  • Management in Tourism
  • Marketing Management
  • Social Capital Management

Economics: MA programme

  • Managerial Economics
  • Social Policy
  • Quantitative Methods of Macroeconomic Analysis
  • Financial Management and Management Accounting
  • Regional and Urban Economy Management
  • Logistics Systems and Processes
  • Regional and Urban Sustainable Development (in English)


Future careers

Graduates of Economics and Management can be:
·         Bank managers
·         Owners of their own businesses
·         Managers in big companies
·         Teachers (after completing a teacher training course)
·         Employees of private companies and government institutions

Graduates of Logistics can be:
·         Scientists in logistics research and development  institutes
·         Logistics  Analysts
·         Logistics managers in national and international corporations
·         Owners of transport and logistics companies

Graduates of Spatial Economics can work in:
·         State and local administration units
·         Progress agencies
·         Consulting agencies
·         Planning teams in national, regional and local institutions


Faculty of Economics
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