International Cooperation

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Conducting world-class research, commercialization and dissemination of its outcome is one of the key tasks of our University. Our scientists, doctoral students and even undergraduates manage to receive numerous grants and scholarships to conduct projects and research programmes on a national or even international scale. Those projects in various fields of science, often of interdisciplinary character, are a great opportunity to start cooperation or to exchange experience with scientists from other research centres.

We conduct scientific research in the following fields: humanities, theology, law, economics, mathematics, physics, chemistry, natural sciences and technology.

The University of Opole cooperates in various fields with partners in Europe, Asia and America. Numerous research programmes are realized and scientific journals are published within the frameworks of international agreements. The cooperation includes scientific research issues, placements, doctoral studies, scholarships, language courses and student exchanges based on bilateral agreements.

Since 1998 we have taken part in the EU Programme – Erasmus and within its framework we have realized students’ and staff members’ exchanges. Thanks to this programme students can do a part of their studies or placement abroad and gain new experience. They also have an opportunity to immerse in the culture of foreign countries, which is of great importance in today’s world.

The development of the cooperation with other countries helps the University of Opole internationalise, broaden its educational offer and enhance its innovative character.

Photo. Robert Lo