Institute of Sociology

The Institute of Sociology was founded in 2007. The scholars working in the Institute are authors of important books and research in sociology. The Institute offers undergraduate and graduate study programmes and the best graduates can continue their research passion writing a doctoral dissertation under the supervision of our eminent professors. The courses offered by the Institute are both theory and research oriented. Thus, our graduates receive a full sociological education. In our Institute we are concentrated on quality of education and friendly atmosphere. We host a number of international students and visiting professors from European universities and that is why we offer some of our courses and one degree programme in English.


Borderland. Region. World. The fields of research and analysis of our sociologists are closely connected with their individual interests. In cooperation with academic institutions from the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Germany we conduct international research projects focused on borderland phenomena concerning culture, labour market, and science and business cooperation. Our sociologists do not limit their research only to European countries; they also study sociological phenomena in Canada, the USA and Maghreb countries. The Opole region and Upper Silesia are the target of their research as well.

Study programmes:

It is of great importance for the students of sociology to be able to explain intricacies of social life. Sociology study programme offered by the University of Opole provides students with the knowledge and skills needed for organising and conducting research and its analysis, it also gives our students all the required knowledge of sociological theories. The undergraduate programme is focused on general, comprehensive sociological knowledge and the graduate programme offers more specialised fields of study to choose from: Sociology of Social Problems, Intercultural Communication, Sociological Research in Social Practice, Sociology of Organisations and Urban Studies. In 2016 we are opening a new MA programme in English - Intercultural Communication. In cooperation with the Institute of English Philology we conduct an MA programme - Applied Gender Studies, also in English. We put special emphasis on the use of computer software for entering and analysing quantitative, qualitative social networks data.

Future careers:

Graduates of sociology are sought after specialists on the Polish labour market. The find employment in polling institutes, PR agencies, banks or state and local administration entities. The can work as consultants in major corporations or in mass-media, where they interpret social events and phenomena. Our students gain their experience already in the course of their studies taking part in numerous research and social projects.




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