Institute of Pedagogical Sciences

The Institute of Pedagogical Sciences has, under different names, been in existence since 1950s. The Institute conducts research, educates students, organises conferences and sudents exchanges, and participates in international research projects. It comprises 9 Chairs, Departments and Laboratories with over 36 academic teachers.

The Institute conducts regional, national and international research in the fields of pedagogical and sociocultural character. Students work in six Student Research Groups. There are over 1200 current students – both full-time and part-time who work in computer labs, modernised lecture rooms and a specialist library with a reading room. In 2012 the Institute received a positive assessment from The Polish State Accreditation Committee.


In the last five years the Institute has conducted eight large research and didactic projects funded by the EU, Polish Government and regional authorities. The members of the Institute have published over 80 academic books and handbooks, additionally, over 360 research papers and reports have been issued in Polish and international scientific journals.

The main fields of research of the Institute cover: the history of education in Poland and Silesia, disabled families (and) with disabled children, rehabilitation in prisons, child care in multicultural areas and development and changes in borderland culture. Additionally, research on social exclusion and its prevention is carried out in the Department of Social Work. 

The Institute cooperates with many foreign institutions of higher education, for example with universities in Banska Bistrica, Potsdam, Ostrava, Olomouc, Opava, Hradec Karlove, Northampton, Kiev, Novosibirsk and the Kofoeds’ School in Copenhagen.

Study programmes:

BA study programmes:

Leisure-time Organisation, Health and Safety Pedagogy and Vocational Counselling, Therapeutic and Care and Educational Pedagogy, Rehabilitation Pedagogy and Social Prevention, Institutional Management and Communication;

MA study programmes:

Cultural-Educational Pedagogy, Care and Education Pedagogy, Work Pedagogy and Vocational Counselling, Planning and Management in Education, Social Worker with German;

The Institute offers also doctoral and postgraduate programmes.

Future careers:

Graduates of pedagogy, depending on their speciality, can become organisers of care and educational activities, rehabilitation, therapeutic and cultural activities in care and educational institutions, cultural institutions, or rehabilitation and preventive centres.

The study programmes facilitate the ability to build one’s own knowledge and pedagogical competence and to develop skills and competence in delivering various pedagogical services in modern society.


Institute of Pedagogical Sciences
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