Faculty of Law and Administration

The Faculty of Law and Administration offers education which is very attractive and sought after on the labour market. Our three study programmes: Law, Administration and Internal Security give our students profound theoretical knowledge, practical skills and social competence. Our graduates can work as lawyers, counsellors, negotiators and public administration employees.

At present over 2 thousand students of our Faculty receive specialist knowledge and experience from our academic staff which includes judges, lawyers, tax advisors and public administration officers. Academic community of the Faculty is open to the external world and participates in various actions helping the Opole inhabitants and business, for example, giving pre-litigation legal help for citizens or preparing expert opinions for business and public administration entities.


The fields of research of the Faculty comprise three areas:
Citizen – Security
Business – Environment – Innovations
State – Church – Politics

The research activity of our scholars can be very well documented by numerous monographies, source texts, commentaries published by renowned publishers, papers and reviews published in specialist journals in Poland and abroad. The Faculty organises and co-organises various conferences, like: National Tax Symposium in Opole, or Opole Legal and Historical Colloquium. It also publishes a quarterly journal Opole Journal for Law and Administration.

Thanks to the broad spectrum of research interests of its members, the Faculty can cooperate with various entities, e.g. NGOs, public administration institutions, courts and business organisations. The implementation of the research outcome is one of the results of that broad cooperation.

In 2013 the Faculty of Law and Administration received the right to confer the title of Doctor of Laws.


Study programmes:

  • Administration (first-cycle BA programme - 3 years) 
  • Internal Security (first-cycle BA programme - 3 years)
  • Business Services (first-cycle BA programme - 3years)
  • Law (long-cycle MA programme – 5 years) 
  • Administration (second-cycle Ma programme - 2 years)
  • Internal Security (second-cycle MA programme - 2 years)

Postgraduate programmes:
  • Public Administration
  • Public Administration and Management
The policy of our Faculty is to maintain high quality of education and to combine theory with practice. The Faculty’s strong points are:
  • Educational programmes aiming at training future leaders in security, administration and law, who are the foundation of modern European civic society conscious of its roots
  • Friendly atmosphere and partner relations between students and teachers
  • Library resources
  • Didactic process answering students’ expectations
  • Academic staff – well-prepared for conducting practical and theoretical classes

Future Careers

Administration graduates:

  • are awarded the professional title of Bachelor of Administration and they are prepared to take up a second cycle programme
  • possess general and specialist knowledge needed for work in public administration and business administration
  • are prepared to conduct institution's affairs both internally and externally and to cooperate with local, regional and EU level structures.
  • are trained to efficiently organise work, to take independent decisions and to provide full service for petitioners
  • can start and run a private company, showing basic economic knowledge and law and using it in practice.

Law graduates:

  • are awarded the professional title of Master of Laws and are prepared to take up a third- cycle programme
  • they possess knowledge and skills in the field of dogmatic-legal science and theoretical – legal expanded with the knowledge of social sciences and economics.
  • they are prepared to take up all types of legal internship that is mandatory for the legal profession in the capacity of the judge, prosecutor, attorney-at-law, legal counselor, notary public, or debt collector, patent agent, and mediator. The can also work in business and administration.
  • legal studies prepare candidates for positions in the judiciary system, police, legal services for commercial companies and in central and local government.
  • also learn to effectively navigate the labor market and legal regulations, to develop a reasonable and honest approach to professional duties, self-confidence and fast decision-making skills. 


Internal Security graduates:

  • get a BA in Internal Security and can start a second-cycle programme
  • have a basic knowledge of social sciences  and humanities, know how state institutions work and what crisis management is
  • can properly perceive and analyse security matters on global, national, regional and local level
  • have skills to manage a group of people, group work and communications
  • are prepared to work in public administration especially in units responsible for state internal security



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